Personalizing Your Blog – Establishing an Online Brand Through Customization


WordPress, Blogger, and many other sites make it easy for individuals to establish their own blog without the hassle of worrying about hosting or design. These sites provide free hosting for their users, and allow users to select from a variety of free themes to help their content stand out visually from the rest of the blogging crowd.

Why is this important? Ultimately, the design, layout and overall “feel” of your blog are all part of establishing your online brand.  When a user accesses your blog, a good first visual impression is important. Assumptions are immediately made by first-time visitors about the quality of the blog’s content based on the blog’s visual aesthetics.  If a blog is not pleasing to the eye, organized and maintained, the user can tell within seconds of reaching the page. A negative first impression can lead to a user quickly navigating away from the page, or worse, doubting the credibility of your blog’s content.

There are a few simple ways to keep your blog looking fresh and professional.  First, make sure you have an appropriate title and tagline. If you don’t change your blog heading from the default “My Blog” wording, it is an instant giveaway to any web-savvy user that you have not put very much effort into your blog, and thus reflecting poorly on your personal online brand.  Also, it’s a good idea to have a banner or picture that somehow relates to the content you will be blogging about. This provides the user with an instant visual to associate with you and your content.

These may seem like simple and obvious tips, but it is shocking how many first time bloggers get this wrong. You’re content could be extremely insightful and absolutely amazing to read, but if your blog has no aesthetic design and poor architecture, no one will pay attention long enough to notice.


~ by dparsonsmedia on September 7, 2009.

One Response to “Personalizing Your Blog – Establishing an Online Brand Through Customization”

  1. News you can use. I like it. That users associate the quality of the design with the quality of the product, covered in the COM 530 theory text, is a point that cannot be overstated.

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