Hello, My Name Is David, And I Have A Friend Who Won’t Join Facebook

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way – in respect to my colleague (I would call them my friend, but we haven’t yet confirmed this via social networking protocol, thus I am reluctant to do so…), I have humbly decided to protect their anonymity within this post.

Sure, it would be easy to name this person and rally all their friends for an intervention, but we all know that never works in these types of situations. These people, these “Facebook Fallen” as I like to call them, are tough cookies to crack. Maybe they had a bad experience with a crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that has left them unwilling to make the leap. Maybe they are fearful of the ramifications that sharing too much about oneself on such an open network can affect future job prospects. Or, pray tell, do they simply just not want to be part of the greatest networking phenomenon of all time?

Listen up, you Facebook Fallen, as this question is for you. Is it proper to teach children to swim even if they hate being in the water? If you were a starving vegetarian gasping for your last breath, would you not eat meat to go on?  I ask these questions not to pick on those who dislike swimming or choose to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, but to prove a point. Human instinct suggests that both these questions would be answered with an overwhelming YES.

Why do I say this? Survival – that’s why.

In these instances when life is threatened, when our very existence is on the line, we choose the path that keeps us afloat – that keeps us alive. As more and more companies enter the field of interactivity and social networking, survival of the individual in today’s job market is at stake. If you are not connected, you may as well not exist.

Of course there are other sites and other programs – I realize that Facebook is not the end-all be-all of social networking. LinkedIn, Friendster – I could go on and on. But seeing as Facebook is the 3rd ranked website on the entire internet – somebody must be doing something right under the hood.

To you, my nameless friend: I don’t mean to berate you or belittle you. I am sure you have your reasons for your reluctance to join. But heed my words – I will convert you. If it takes every ounce of my being and an ounce of someone else’s, then so be it. If I must travel from the lowest valley to the highest mountaintop, you will Facebook, and you will like it.



~ by dparsonsmedia on September 29, 2009.

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