Evolving Journalism – Part I

I have never really considered myself a journalist.

I have the highest respect for the individuals in this world that take it upon themselves to remain objective and deliver important news to the masses. It takes a person of great character and personal fortitude to interview, investigate, and make all the work of their day accessible to the world,  as trusted, un-biased information. When I think of true journalism, I think of the legendary Edward R. Murrow, the great Walter Cronkite, and all the other journalists had the ability to gain the trust of our nation every night and considered it their duty to inform the American people.

Somewhere between the infiltration of cable news within the American household and the introduction of the internet, something changed. The idealistic aspects of respected journalism began to take a backseat to the newsroom’s advertising budget, and the news itself began to stink with the air of corporate infection.

Nowadays, we have left-wing news. We have right wing-news. We have some of the most prominent 24-hour news stations in the industry leading with entertainment news stories, and the day of the trusted newspaper is in its final hour. Where do we turn for the news we can trust?

For some, the answer is the Internet. Instead of watching cable news or reading the local newspaper, people are turning to blogs, social networks, and twitter to get the news updates they need.

Has it really come to this?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of validity to the blog backed with research and journalism integrity. The twitter post that alerts people of the latest food recall is important, and should be taken seriously. Ashton Kutcher’s Facebook update after a long night out on the strip is… important?

How do you distinguish the gold from the garbage?

I unfortunately don’t know the answer to this question. Like I said, I have never really considered myself a journalist.


~ by dparsonsmedia on October 1, 2009.

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