Netbook – Blog on the Go?

Please don’t hate me.

It is October 5th. I am sitting out on the patio of my college’s student center. Today’s weather is 75 degrees, clear skies with a slight breeze from the northwest. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, and the joyous mood of the day can be easily determined by the passing tidbits of conversation I hear passing by. Everyone loves good weather.

The best part about this situation?  I am blogging about it. Right now, I am blogging, in real-time.  Under the beautiful blue sky, with the sounds of the outdoors and college atmosphere all around me, I am blogging – and all thanks to my netbook.

A few weeks ago,  in an act of desperation, I purchased an ASUS Netbook in order to keep up with my classmates’ quick note-taking skills. Having graduated from undergrad a mere three years ago, I entered graduate school under the impression that I could easily get by with my FiveStar  college-ruled notebook and collection of inkpens, but soon after classes began, I realized that times had changed, and they had changed quickly.

Note-taking had become a race of speed and endurance. Knowing that most students were using laptops to make notations, professors were not afraid to move at a faster pace when lecturing, and I soon found myself constantly peering over my neighbor’s shoulder to catch the last few bullets on the information presented three slides ago. This was just not going to work.

Unfortunately, I was in no position to purchase a laptop computer, and in fact, had no need for one. Just a year ago, I had spent a significant amount of money on a loaded MacPro desktop computer, and the idea of needing to supplement it with a $2000 laptop seemed insane. I had all the processing power I would ever need? All I really wanted for class was a portable computer that could run Microsoft Word and an internet browser.

I found it in my ASUS Netbook.

Not only is it small and portable, my netbook picks up my campus’ wireless network flawlessly, and has the capabilities of connecting to the web via 3G connection when I am out of range of wifi.


Long story short, I am taking notes in class, keeping up with my peers, and currently blogging on the patio on this beautiful Autumn afternoon.

Really, please don’t hate me. 😉


~ by dparsonsmedia on October 5, 2009.

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