Application is half the fun!

Don’t you just love it when your “work” successfully mixes with your “play?”

I have been spending the last two months in grad school studying interactive media, the web, design, strategy, the works. Thus far, beyond a few satisfying rewards, it has been a lot of work. And we all know what they say – all work and no work makes Dave a dull boy.

Well technically “they” don’t say that. Jack Nickolson did. In the Shining. But that’s besides the point.

The point, which I am getting to – I swear – is that I am finally seeing some real world results from all this hard work! Well, the prospect of real world results, anyway.  Let me explain.

I have always been good at figuring out the web. A decent website builder (kind of rudimentary-looking stuff, but it did the job) and pretty good at marketing along the social media lines. Well, boys and girls, let me introduce to you my very first client! A group of classmates and myself will be doing a complete web presence startup and management for an up-and-coming music artist, Jenny Leigh Freeman.

First of all, it is utterly satisfying to finally be able to take these skills I’ve been honing and put them to good use. It’s like training for a marathon and finally, the big day, and you are ready to run twice as far as long as the rubber in your shoes don’t give out. The best part of this entire project is that our client, Jenny Leigh, is actually one of my very close and personal friends. Not only am I ecstatic about being able to show off my newly-aquired skills, but I can put them to use by helping a friend launch her career.

I don’t care what you call it. Killing two birds with one stone, mixing business with pleasure – I am very excited. Besides, the groudswell is all about breaking down social barriers anyway, right?


~ by dparsonsmedia on October 8, 2009.

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