Comic Books on My iPhone? So Much for Productivity.

Marvel Comics, one of the largest comic producer in the world, has recently partnered with PanelFly to produce a revolutionary  iPhone application.  The application allows users to access comics on their mobile device, bridging the gap between the old-school print elitists and the technological early adopters.

Costing users $.99 per comic, the application currently offers the original Spider-Man series, X-Men, X23, Age Apocalypse, and Iron Man, all starting from the very first issue. This is big news for many comic lovers, as these issues are rare to come by, and the opportunity to read any of these classic storylines from the very beginning is something that will prove desirable to many comic lovers.

Of course, the big question is whether or not an iPhone application is the best medium for these comics to be made available. The iPhone screen is great for quick emails, text messages, games, and

other such activities, but many would argue that it was never meant for full page reading.

Would you read a full book on your tiny iPhone screen? A newspaper? A comic book?

I speak for my fellow comic loving brethren when I say, “Hell yes, I would!”  But I could see how some skeptics would criticize the readability of comics on a handheld device. In this situation, I would encourage you to be your own judge.

So, what do you think? A worthy iPhone app? A failed attempt at merging print media and digital technologies? It will be interesting to see how well this app does over the coming months, but I would expect that when Apple finally releases its upcoming tablet device, this application may find a better home on a larger screen.


~ by dparsonsmedia on October 30, 2009.

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