links for 2009-11-03


~ by dparsonsmedia on November 4, 2009.

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  1. David,
    What if…advertising can no longer support the quality of programming you see on the networks? Would you be willing to pay–let’s say $1 per month, per network to keep it going as is? The long tail digital economy (which I don’t know if you’ve had a lecture on yet–but I know you will in the Spring) is disrupting and blistering our television business models. Does America love TV enough to support it using a different business model?

    BTW: very funny photos of you 🙂

    • Connie, thanks for your comment!

      It has been interesting to see how advertisements have worked their way into the streaming online versions of most television programming. My overall hope is that the networks can use the advanced metrics gathered from online viewership to justify ad prices that are more comparable to what they are used to paying for television spots.

      To answer your question – if it meant I could cancel my cable service and feel confident that the online streaming of TV programming was only going to increase (still waiting for cable networks to catch on), I would definitely pay a small fee for the networks I was interested in watching. I would actually prefer this method, as I wouldn’t be paying a flat rate for all channels (including the ones I don’t watch), but could tailor my access to only the networks that interest me.

      Of course, I am sure I am part of the small, early adopting demographic, but I would think as internet usage and bandwidth grows around the country, America would see the benefits in online viewership.

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