Up, Up, and Away With Airline Policy

Just having returned from a very short trip to LA,  I had the opportunity to partake in one of our culture’s most dreaded activities: air travel.  Sure, I could bore you with my individual complaints and provide you with a play-by-play rundown of my experience, but we’ve all been there, and I am assuming that my qualms with air travel are not that different from that of the next blogger.

I do, however, continue to be boggled by the airline industry’s policies for using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. Joel Johnson does a nice job of explaining the current situation on his Gizmodo blog.

In summary, there has never been one recorded incident in which the use of an electronic device by a passenger has ever caused a plane to malfunction. Claims from the FAA suggest that communications between air traffic control and the pilot can be interfered with by such devices, justifying the ban of device usage during takeoff and landing.

Turn that off! We're about to land!

Joel Johnson makes a legitimate point in his recent post: “if gadgets were such a threat to safety, they’d be banned entirely.”

I’m not saying that the 10 minutes it takes for the plane to reach the appropriate flight altitude is causing me an unbelievable amount of grief during these “off” periods, but as mobile communications grows, gadgets of this design are becoming part of our daily routines. Being disconnected for any period of time is an inconvenience – so come on, airlines, throw us a bone. The ridiculous airfare prices and horribly uncomfortable seating arrangements are enough. Don’t make me endure it without my iPod.


~ by dparsonsmedia on December 11, 2009.

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